True Disney fans who have a dog should give it a name related to their universe. We give you some ideas that can help you decide which one to choose. These are the best 10 names for dogs inspired by Disney.

The best names for dogs

  1. The best-known Disney dog ​​is Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s pet. This hound is funny and above all very nice, how is yours?
  2. Simba’s best friend and partner from ‘The Lion King’ is called Nala. She is very brave but also very loyal. If your dog is like that, you have to give it this name.
  3. Iullaby This dog was in charge of taking care of the children who were the protagonists of ‘Peter Pan’. If your pet is big, affectionate and very responsible, it is an ideal name for it.
  4. The hilarious snowman from ‘Frozen’ is called Olaf. He is a short and very strong name, ideal for pets with a very marked personality.
  5. If your dog is very faithful, if a little cowardly, he looks a lot like Flounder, Ariel’s best friend in ‘The Little Mermaid’.
  6. This curious girl and always ready to live an adventure can inspire you to name your dog.
  7. This is the main dog in ‘Lady and the Tramp’. The dog is very funny and likes to enjoy life, although sometimes he gets into trouble.
  8. The little girl from ‘Monsters Inc.’ with pigtails and pink pajamas has a funny and very strong name. She is pronounced ‘Boo’.
  9. This is the brave pug that appears in the movie ‘Pocahontas’. If your dog is very elegant, but also a bit prim, it has to be called that.
  10. If you fell in love with this forgetful little fish from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, you should keep this name in mind for your female dog.


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