If you are looking for a name for your dog that shows your feminist ideals, take a look at the following clues. Here we offer you 10 names of dogs inspired by feminism.

Great names for pets

  1. To start with, if you want to pay a little homage to feminism but are also looking for a direct name for your pet, you might like Fem.
  2. Some say that the Greek philosopher Hiparchy was the first feminist. If you don’t like such long names, you can shorten it to Hipa, which is also very original.
  3. If your dog is the most warrior and she will always defend her ideals, put Fight on her. It is a name that transmits a lot of strength.
  4. British Emmeline Pankhurst was the leader of the suffrage movement in Great Britain. You can shorten her name to Emme so your pet will understand it better.
  5. Pay a small tribute to the Mexican Frida Kahlo by naming your beloved dog after her.
  6. And why not call your dog ‘woman’, but in another language? For example, in Hindi we say Mahila. This name has a very nice sound and can look great on any pet.
  7. The great Simone de Beauvoir can inspire you to find a good name for your pet related to feminism. Maybe you might like Beau more, which is perfect for males.
  8. Olimpia de Gouges wrote the ‘Declaration of the rights of women and of the citizen’. If your dog has things as clear as her, you can give her this beautiful name.
  9. Referring to the ‘glass ceiling’ that women run into when seeking professional development, you can name your female dog Crystal.
  10. Since Mary Wollstonecraft is a rather long name and, above all, difficult to pronounce when you’re angry, you can pay a small tribute to this writer by choosing Mary or Wolls for your pet.


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