Terrier refers to a large group of dogs with a common origin: Yorkshire Terrier, Fox Terrier, Bull Terrier, West Highland Terrier… If you have to find a name for your new pet, the first thing you should do if you can be look at the face to see what hits him. If you don’t even get inspired by looking at him, don’t worry!

Here are some ideas so you know what to call him. These are the 10 best names for dogs of the terrier breed.

Cool Terrier Pet Names

  1. The name terrier comes from the Latin terra. It can be a great name for the most playful female dogs of any of these breeds.
  2. If you want to wink at the name of this dog’s breed, you can put Terry, from terrier. It can be a great name for both males and females.
  3. This name is that of the little dog that Franklin D. Roosevelt was completely in love with. This White House pet was a Scottish terrier, so it’s a very cute name if your pet is of this breed.
  4. If you are looking for a fun way to name your new pet, you can name it Banjo. He transmits a lot of joy and desire to play with him.
  5. This name in dogs is very original, as much as your pet. It is a very funny name that everyone who asks you what your pet’s name is going to love. Far from being an insult to call a pet after a person, we consider it a very nice tribute. There is no living being as loyal as a dog!
  6. Terriers are, in general, quite restless and this name conveys their energy very well. They are very fast dogs that are under your feet as soon as they are at the door waiting for your walk.
  7. In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war. If your dog is a bit of a brute, this name may be very suitable for him. He also beats those dogs a lot that are always doing mischief.
  8. Do you remember the puppy from ‘The Artist’? Well his name was Uggie and he was a Jack Russell terrier. It can inspire you to find the best way to call your pet.
  9. Many of the dogs of these breeds come from Scotland, so this name may be ideal for them. They also come from England, Wales or Ireland.
  10. This adorable name can be perfect for the cutest terrier dogs. It is a very cute and original nickname, so you will not find many female dogs that carry it


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