Let’s adopt a non-breed dog! Mixed-breed pets are the most vulnerable because, for some incomprehensible reason, it seems that some people do not want to take them home. But why? If they are as adorable (or more) than any breed with or without pedigree. The choice between a dog without a breed and another with a breed is just a matter of prejudice towards the animal.

If you are bringing one of these cute pets into your home, take note of these adorable non-breed dog names.

Names for dogs without a male breed

Are you looking for an original and beautiful way to name your new puppy? We propose some of the most adorable names for dogs.


Give a lesson in sarcasm to all those who call non-bred dogs ‘mutt’ with great contempt. Turn this word with such an offensive meaning into a cute and funny name for your four-legged love.


Lester is a classic name among dogs around the world that goes perfectly with a non-bred dog.


Does your mixed-breed dog always have a lot of gear? Does he go crazy when he listens to music? Elvis is the name that best suits all those playful puppies who have a great time every second of the day.


If your adored mongrel is getting stinky farts, the name of the famous character from ‘The Lion King’ will fit him perfectly. It’s fun and original, so you won’t find many other Pumbaa in the park.


If your dog shines as bright as or brighter than a constellation of stars, Orion can be a nice name for him. This nickname conveys a lot of strength, so larger dogs will feel very identified with this name.


Do you like Joey for your dog? Some people consider it in bad taste to give a dog a personal name, but we love it! You just have to take into account that there is no one at home, nor any family member or close friend, who has the same name. In that case, you will end up causing a lot of confusion for your pet.

How to call a female mongrel dog?

Do you want to bring a dog home? We suggest some very beautiful names that match any female mixed-breed dog. Can you choose only one?


Attention owners of funny dogs and that do not stop for a second still! The perfect name for them is Chip.


If your dog has brown or black hair, this name will suit her perfectly. You will have a terrible urge to kiss your new pet!


Do you know what Sora means in Japanese? It refers to the sky, so it transmits great calm and peace. It is a beautiful name for any dog, whatever its size.


What an adorable name Flea is! And she is ideal for the smallest puppies (even if they end up becoming the biggest dogs). With a name like this, you will want to hug your pet even more.


Grey-coated female dogs deserve a name as bright as Silver. This name could be translated from English as Silver, another very pretty name for a female pet.


And yet, if your pup has moles all over her body or perhaps a single spot that stands out a lot, Freckle is a lovely name for her.

The most adorable unisex names for dogs

Below we propose some names for mixed-breed dogs that work for both males and females. They are perfect if what you want is to think about what you are going to call him, but you still do not know what type of puppy you are going to adopt.


If you’re looking for a funny name for both a female dog and a male, stick with Jumpy. It perfectly portrays the bounciest and playful pets.


If you can’t stop cuddling your puppy and you consider him your cuddly toy, give him a name like this. If that seems too long a nickname, you can always shorten it to Pelu or Pelo. Beautiful!


We are completely sure that a dog named Button cannot be boring. It is a most original name for a pet as endearing and smiling as yours.


Put a little joy in your house by calling your dog Smile. This name can fit both males and females. And you know what’s best? That every time you tell someone the name of your pet, you will make them smile. Goal achieved!


If your purebred dog exudes elegance with every step they take, this name is perfect for him or her. But beware! It is only suitable for owners who know how to pronounce it well. Also, if you use ‘sit’ as a command for your pet, you should avoid this name because they have very similar sounds.


This name is fun and conveys a lot of tenderness, so it fits a lot with all those pets that are affectionate and endearing. If your dog always has the hair on end, this nickname is made for him.


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