Your dog gives you much, much more than you offer each day. You owe him so much that everything you do for him will be little. Your dog does not need great luxuries to be happy, it is the small details that will make him feel loved. Make your dog the happiest in the place with these tricks to make your pet happy.

Make your pet happy

  • For your dog to be happy and, above all, for it to enjoy good mental health, it is very important that you respect it. The priority is his well-being, and for this you will need to make some efforts. Keep in mind that he is not a person and therefore it is not correct to treat him as such. Let him be a dog.
  • Spend as much time as you can with him, and more. You will have already realized that your dog loves to be with you while you work at home, while you shower, while you prepare food… Give him some caress and nice words.
  • Learn to read their body language. Through the movements of his tail or his posture, he will be transmitting to you how he feels or what he needs. If you know how to understand him, your union will be more solid.
  • Take him out for a walk and in very different places. Your pet will love discovering new trees, different smells, different kinds of herbs. Each ride will be a new experience.
  • To keep your dog happy, offer him challenges frequently: leaving him obstacles, puzzles and games will stimulate him. For example, if you have a garden, create a space where your faithful friend can dig. With chewing toys, you will be able to entertain him and, in addition, it will strengthen his jaw.
  • Worry about his well-being: find a suitable place for him, keep him clean, take him to the vet and take care of his hair. Even if you don’t like bath time, you’ll love feeling clean.
  • To make him feel good, you have to take care of his diet. Look for good quality food so that it has iron health and a shiny coat.
  • Some other day, let him roll in the mud, run in the rain or jump in the puddles. Sharing these special moments will strengthen your bond.
  • Let your pet play with other humans. It is good that he gets used to being with other people so that he learns to deal with different ways of being, voices and smells.
  • Do not isolate your dog at home. Take him to the park to play with four-legged friends or organize meetups. You should be careful with the personality and arousal state of the dogs your pet associates with, because you never know how they will react.
  • Allow it to sniff out everything in its path, even if it’s a little gross stuff. It is one of his ways to discover the world.
  • And of course, pamper him. Pet your pet, scratch it, pat it and pay attention to its reaction to know if it likes it. It is also important that you respect their space. Many dogs get overwhelmed if you give them a lot of hugs.


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