There are a thousand types of kisses: tender, passionate, friendship, pride, nostalgia… And if you are looking for a name for your dog that reflects all the love you feel for him, you will find it among kisses. But if you give it an international touch, much better, so the following list of names, you will love it. Kisses, kisses and more kisses in several languages ​​as your dog’s name. Because after all, who doesn’t like kisses?

The best ‘kisses’ for your pet

  1. Let’s start close. Any breed of dog will fit a name like this, and if your dog is affectionate as hell, he will fit like a glove. In addition, it is a name with the appropriate length so that your dog learns it quickly. If it has less than two syllables, your pet may mistake it for a command, and if it has more than three, it will have a hard time learning it.
  2. It’s kiss in German and it could suit large dogs very well. It might also be a good idea to name dogs of breeds that come from that country, such as the German Shepherd, Doberman, or Dachshund. This name transmits a lot of energy and, in addition, it is very original. Let’s see how many Kuss you meet in the park…
  3. If you are looking for a truly original name, but which at the same time shows all the love you feel for your new ball of fur, Puthje may be a good option. Although it is a bit complicated to pronounce, it is the price you have to pay if you want to call your pet with an Albanian name like this.
  4. Turkish can be a very romantic language if you find the right person to teach it to you. And if the first thing you feel when you see your new puppy is an inevitable desire to start kissing and hugging him, this name is ideal for him because it means kisses in Turkish. It is a name that can fit both female and male dogs and it does not matter what breed it is.
  5. This name gives off a lot of tenderness, but also a lot of rock, don’t you think? It can look great on those dogs with colored spots on their faces or with strange shapes, like the makeup of the members of the American band with the same name and creators of “I was made for lovin’ you”. It is ideal for the most cane dogs, whether they are females or males.
  6. This funny word means kisses in Basque. It is a very good option for you to call that puppy that has just arrived in your family. It can look good on dogs of Basque origin, such as the Basque shepherd or the villain of the Encartaciones, but you can also be much more original and put it on dogs that come from much more different cultures, such as the shar pei from Chinese or Zimbabwean Rhodesian.
  7. It means kiss in Italian. It may be a stereotype, but this name would be perfect for more elegant dogs, such as Dalmatians, collies or lhasa apsos. If your dog always walks with his head held high and is so smug that he loves to be combed and accessorized, this name is perfect for him. Of course, you should keep in mind that it is a more suitable name for a male.
  8. Pronounced something like ‘bisu’, this name can look great on smaller dogs. Translated from French, bisou is a kiss, so if you opt for this option, you will be giving your pet an extra charge of tenderness. It’s great for ‘small but bully’ dogs.
  9. If you give your dog this name, he will seem like a very exotic pet. Translated from Hindi, Chumban also means kiss. It can look especially good on dogs with very shiny black coats like Rottweilers. It is a unique name that will make your puppy the most special. You just have to look at his face and decide if a name like this suits him.
  10. If you translate the word beijo from Portuguese, it means kiss. The sound of this name is very beautiful and everyone will want to know where such an extraordinary name comes from. It sounds more like a name for a male dog, but you decide. If your dog is a bit mischievous, but also loves cuddling moments, this name is made for him.


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