Do you have to choose what to call your dog and your mind has gone blank? Do not panic! In this article we help you choose the ideal nickname for your pet. Take a look at our dictionary of dog names in which we have names for all kinds of pets: females and males; dogs of all colors, pets of different sizes…

This time we focus on the names for puppies with the letter R. Stay with the one you like the most and start calling it by its definitive name. Only then can he begin to learn it and obey your orders.

Cute puppy names with the letter R


Rin is shortened for Rin Tin Tin, one of the dogs whose stardom has survived to this day. Just like this very television dog, he is a perfect name for a brave German shepherd and willing to do anything. If, although he has only been home for a short time, your pup has already organized several adventures, this name will suit him like a glove.

But in addition to alluding to this famous dog, Rhine is the name of the river that serves as the border between France and Germany. It is a Celtic word meaning ‘to flow ‘. Take a look at these other names inspired by the most important rivers in the world.


The most playful puppies deserve a name as beautiful as Rumba. It is a very original option for all those pet owners who cannot live without music. Somehow, when you choose this nickname for your dog, you’ll be carrying the music with you all day.

Rumba is a name that is as musical as it is fun. It is suitable for all types of dog breeds, as long as they are female puppies: Yorkshire, poodle, Dalmatian, Labrador, pug, beagle… They will all be equally favored!


Name your dog Romi, from Romina. It is a name of Arabic origin, which is derived from the word ‘Roman’. It is a very original name with which your puppy will make a difference. It is highly unlikely that you will find many namesakes for your four-legged best friend.

This name conveys delicacy and strength at the same time, as is the case with Rottweiler dogs. If you are thinking of adopting a puppy of this breed, we have other very nice names to propose. They are specially designed for your dog because it fits well with his personality and physical appearance.


The name of Roy Lichtenstein may not sound too familiar to you, but I’m sure you’re a huge fan of his work. Thanks to his cartoons, usually starring women and men, he is one of the best-known graphic artists of pop art. All the names taken from pop culture are very creative, so they are perfect for the most special puppies.

Regardless of your source of inspiration, there is no doubt that Roy is a very powerful nickname. It is a very versatile name that can flatter both a small male Pomeranian and a huge golden retriever. Surely your pup would love to be called that.


In Egyptian mythology, Ra is the God of the Sun, Life and Origin. And if your pet is the ray of light that you need on a daily basis, this name will be very appropriate for him. Without a doubt, it is a resounding nickname with a lot of weight, so it would be better on a large dog like the Great Dane or the Mastiff.

This name is related to the sun, and what comes to mind when we think of it? Indeed, the summer! The hottest season of the year can also give you some name ideas for your female or male puppy: Summer, Sombra, Macarena… Take a look at all the summer nicknames that we have compiled for you.


And from summer, we go directly to Christmas. This is one of the sweetest names for the cutest puppies, especially if they are as big eaters as your pet. Roscón is a nice way to call a male that destroys all the food supplies at home.

Remember that you must be careful with the hungriest dogs because they can put some food in their mouths, such as sweets, which could cause them a health problem.

If you love the Christmas period and would like it to last all year, you have to give your pet one of these other names. All of them are Christmas-inspired nicknames. Ho Ho Ho!


Sometimes we get obsessed with finding original names for our dogs and come up with some nicknames that are as crazy as they are humiliating. We forget that the classics are sometimes the ones that work best; They are worn by thousands of dogs around the world for a reason.

That is why we propose Rulfo, a name with a lot of personality that will suit dogs of all kinds. But if you are looking for a nickname that represents the personality of your husky puppy, here are many other ideas that you will love.


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