Megan Montaner considers herself a mother, but at the moment she doesn’t have human children, only dogs. Her pet is called Manson and he is a beautiful Golden Retriever with a very light color. This dog has been in Megan’s family for a long time and has conquered all the fans of the actress.

This is Manson, Megan Montaner’s dog

  • Golden Retrievers are very fun dogs that need to lead an active life to be healthy. These types of pets love their owners to play with them. Manson, for example, likes it when Megan throws a stick, ball, rock, or whatever at him to go after her. They usually go to the park or the countryside to enjoy a day together. As the actress puts in the posts that she shares with her pet, she just has to adopt ‘dog mode’ and she has a great time sharing moments with her best friend.
  • Manson really likes to swim. I’m sure Megan sometimes wonders if she has a dog or a fish as a pet. As the family settles down to eat around a table, Manson tries to get some food. He gets into the arms of the diners and tries to make a sad face for someone to take pity on him with that lethal look he has. And if no one gives him a gift, then he takes it when everyone gets confused.
  • Manson is not the only dog ​​that Megan has fallen in love with and that she has decided to dedicate a space to on her Instagram profile. Kiara is her other daughter. She is a beautiful dog with black and white spots. She has also shared some photos of Ire, a beautiful dark dog with a white muzzle that she became her confidante. In addition, some time ago the actress shared a photo of an adorable dog named Currito with slightly unruly hair. We don’t know if it will be the last addition to Megan Montaner’s dog family.


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