What responsibility does that entail to put a name, right? When we seek to choose one (either for our baby or for our pet) we are aware that it has to be beautiful and identifying since the person or animal that wears it will do so for a lifetime. For this reason, in this article we always try to propose you the best ideas of names for dogs. On this occasion, we have made a list of names for dogs inspired by The Simpsons. Are you a fan of this series? Well, grab a pen and paper and aim because you’ll love them! They are the most fun!

Give your dog a name based on a television series, yes or no?

  • Finding a name for your dog is not an easy task. If you have done it before, you will know firsthand what indecision is. If, on the contrary, it is the first time, you should keep in mind that you are going to call him that every day, so you have to choose his nickname very carefully. You don’t want to go wrong and give it a name that doesn’t really identify it, do you?
  • Your dog’s name should reflect your personality but, above all, that of the animal itself, so you should inform yourself well and decide which is the best option among all those nicknames you are considering. Have you thought about being inspired by a television series? Which one do you like the most and do you think can be better adapted to your pet? In recent years, for example, the number of people and pets with names inspired by Game of Thrones has multiplied since the series began airing. Also the one with the names inspired by Harry Potter. And speaking of successful series, another one that has not left anyone indifferent either, both for its scenes, its characters and its successes as well as for its history, is The Simpsons.
  • If you consider yourself a real fan of our yellow friends and, in addition, you are looking for an original name for your pet, we have prepared a list of characters from the series that it will be very useful for you to review. Thanks to the characteristics of each one and their behavior in each chapter, each name represents certain traits, a different and overwhelming personality profile that can come in handy for your canine friend.

So YES, in short, giving your dog a name based on a television series is a very good idea. Now all you have to do is decide! Go for it!

List of names inspired by The Simpsons for your dog

  • If we had to describe the type of dog to which such a name fits, without a doubt, it would be a smart dog like herself, who does not allow herself to be dominated so easily, who is independent but who, in the end, also seeks affection. If we get into the type of breed that could fit this nickname it would be a Chihuahua, a poodle, a harrier, and even a Labrador.
  • When we think of calling our dog Bart it is because we are aware that he is a naughty dog. Dog pranks are his day to day and he is always attentive, awake, with a funny attitude waiting for someone to give him a foothold to move. If that description fits you, then your dog should be named after that!
  • Our most famous protagonist, physically large, friend of the sofa and enemy of exercise, he has a huge heart and is in love with the woman of his life. Do you find his personality reflected in any dog? The bulldog, Saint Bernard or Basset Hound are three of the laziest and affectionate dog breeds. If you have a pet like this… Think carefully if this name is not the best in the world for it!
  • Santa’s little helper. If you are a true fan of The Simpsons, you will recognize the name of his dog in a second. Santa’s Little Helper is a brown, active and faithful English Greyhound to the family. Either because you have a dog with the same breed or because your pet is the same as him… This name is one of the most original in the series!
  • Bart’s best friend is known as the guy who is always on his tail and does whatever he asks without question. Surely as you have read that sentence you have thought of more than one dog that goes after his family at all times, everywhere. Sometimes it can even piss us off that he’s not a bit independent! But they are so rich… For example, a Yorkshire or a cocker spaniel.

The list of names that you can give your dog is endless, but remember that it is best to choose one that you like and that fits the way it behaves. 😉


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