Pop art is a great source of inspiration for anything, including choosing your dog’s name. This 20th century art movement gives you some great ideas for calling your pet. These are 10 pop culture inspired dog names.

Pop Culture Inspired Dog Names

  1. Without Andy Warhol, pop culture could not be understood. Andy is a good option to call your dog, although Warhol can also be great, who is more original.
  2. This fun name can look great on your dog, whatever its breed. It may be a more appropriate name for smaller pets.
  3. Pop art is aimed at the masses and this name is very original. If you prefer the names in Spanish, you can put Masa. It is perfect for both females and males.
  4. Keith Haring’s colored human silhouettes are as recognizable as they are interesting. If you are looking for an original name for your pet, this may be perfect for him.
  5. The colors of the Pop art works are usually very striking. They transmit a lot of energy, as much as the one your pet has. So it can be a very different way of calling your pet.
  6. Pop art has its origins in the UK, so why not name your dog after one of the most beautiful cities?
  7. The hard edge style, which is characterized by works in which the figures have very marked contours, has a lot to do with Pop art. Edge can be a very original name for your pet, whether male or female.
  8. Do you know Roy Lichtenstein? It is very possible that you have ever seen some of his works. Also, his name can look great on your pet if he is a male.
  9. Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans is one of the most recognizable works of Pop Art. Without a doubt, it is a name inspired by this excellent movement for any pet.
  10. There are those who called Pedro Almodóvar the ‘Andy Warhol of Spain’. He will be a great name for any pet.


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