Don’t let having a fun time with your pet turn into just playing catch. There are a thousand and one activities that you can organize to have a good time with your four-legged best friend. All these activities, in addition to being a lot of fun, will strengthen the dog-owner bond. Dedicate a little of your time to your dog, you will be giving back a little of how much he or she gives you daily.

You and your pet: things you can do with your dog

  • Take him for a walk… but let him take you for a walk too. Let him guide your steps and discover the city from a dog’s point of view.
  • Paint a picture together. She covers the floor with newspapers and places a large piece of paper on the floor. It won’t take long for your pet to get into the painting and leave its mark on the canvas. You can play with your different footprints and when you’re done… straight into the bathtub! Why don’t you make a bubble bath? Leave the mop nearby for water leaks.
  • Practice yoga together. Believe it or not, there is a style of yoga specially designed for dogs and it is called Doga. You will have a great time when you try it.
  • Practice your grooming skills with your dog. He will love that you brush his hair, although it is still a little more difficult for you to place other accessories such as pigtails or hairpins. Do you dare to cut her hair yourself?
  • Have a joint photo session. Hire the services of a photographer, or charm a friend with a good mobile, and let them bring out your best smile. The images will be funnier if you dress up, although your pet may not see it favorably.
  • Create a profile on a social network for your dog, as celebrities do with their pets. Fill it with adorable images of your pet and everyone will die of envy.
  • Stick your dog’s paw into some wet clay or porcelain and allow it to dry. It will be a great gift for the ‘dad’ or ‘mom’ of the pet. And besides, you can spend a very fun day with your dog by preparing it.
  • Mark yourself a musical duet with your pet. By singing to your dog, you will not only be strengthening your friendship but, if he answers you, you could record a video that will end up going viral. Your pet will also love to dance with you.
  • When it’s her birthday, throw a doggy party. Make a cake suitable for canine consumption, buy toys for the attendees, invite their friends from the park… It will be the great event in the neighborhood.
  • Give him a massage and then have him give it to you. You will both win if you get him to climb on your back.
  • Let him roll over in the mud. Although you may not have much fun, your dog will be delighted that you let him fulfill one of his dreams for a day.
  • Go for a walk on a rainy day and get wet while you walk.
  • Give him a little whim: go to a pet store and let him choose the toy he likes the most. Yes, even if he chooses the most expensive one, you will have to buy it from him.
  • Write the letter that your pet would write to you. This can be a very stimulating activity for you and it will make you reflect on what you can improve in your relationship. You will surely want to spend more time with him.


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