Do you have a new member in your family and are you looking for a good name? Here are some ideas. These are 10 names for female dogs inspired by celebrities.

The best names for dogs

  1. If there is a celebrity par excellence, we could say the queen of celebrities, it is Paris Hilton. This diva is also a dog lover, so her name is ideal for your pet if she is very flirtatious.
  2. The stunning model Irina Shayk can inspire you to find a cute way to call your female dog.
  3. Kim Kardashian is always in the spotlight, so it’s the perfect name for your dog if she’s always the center of attention. It is direct and has a lot of strength so that your pet obeys you.
  4. This name is in fashion, because all those who wear it are successful. Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Emma Cohen… It’s a name with a very nice sound for your dog.
  5. This name, in addition to referring to the Disney ice princess, is related to Elsa Pataky, one of our most international celebrities. She is a good name for your pet whatever the breed she is.
  6. If you’re looking to give your female dog an explosive name, Nicki is perfect, after Nicki Minaj. Surely the singer manages to transmit a bit of her personality to your pet.
  7. Nella, by Antonella. Leo Messi’s partner, Antonella Roccuzzo, is one of the best-known it girls of the moment and can help you find the best name for your pet.
  8. Brie Larson rose to fame after co-starring in the movie ‘The Room’ (The Room) in 2015 and since then she has been the star of more than one red carpet. Her elegance can be the inspiration to name your female dog.
  9. If your dog is very stylish and likes to show off, you can name her Stella after designer Stella McCartney.
  10. Gigi Hadid is all the rage, so she’s a good name for your pooch. It is original and fun, so it is ideal for the most curious and playful pets.


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