Selma considers her dog Ducky one of the family. For this reason, she did not hesitate to include her in the portrait that she took with her son and that she uploaded to Instagram with the title: “The family”. The actress she adopted the pet when she was 12 years old. This rescued dog is a fun white mixed-breed Chihuahua with very bulging eyes.

Ducky must be something like his son Arthur’s best friend/toy, because in most of the images in which they appear, which are many, they are together. They celebrated Valentine’s Day together, they run around the garden, they play at home… Even, it seems, little Arthur and Ducky sleep every day hugging each other in a very touching way in a bed, by the way, really big.

The pet of actress Selma Blair

  • This mixed-breed Chihuahua has had to put up with so many games and pranks from Arthur… She has skin problems and they are always very careful to do everything possible to make her better. Selma says the dog reminds her of her favorite actress Maggie Smith, who played Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter. Sometimes they go shopping together. He seems like a calm and patient dog. The family has also enjoyed a lot at the beach.
  • Ducky is far from being as presumptuous as many other celebrity mascots, however, Selma occasionally puts him in black and white striped pajamas that she has to match the actress’s son. She also has the occasional sweatshirt and sweater. Before Ducky came to the family, Selma had another pet named Wink that she now misses a lot. She has liked animals since she was little. In fact, she shared an image on social networks in which she could be seen at about 12 years old with Butch and Chubby guinea pigs.


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