When we talk about Marvel, a universe of comics, movies and superheroes that is very difficult to beat automatically comes to mind. Fans of this universe have experienced every plot and every character as their own, and when you’re a loyal fan at that level, it’s very hard to understand your life without linking it in some way to these stories.

In 1939, Marvel Comics was born, an American publisher that would base its stories on superheroes such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Captain America… and that would accumulate fans all over the world. Do you consider yourself a Marvel fan? Would you like to pay a good tribute to this superhero saga?

A good way to pay tribute to them (and at the same time make it clear that you are a big fan of their content) is to name your pet based on their characters. Finding a sonorous, short, fun, original name that hits your dog is not an easy task. Not at all! And less if you do not want to fall into the typical names like Tobby or Bobby. For this reason, many owners often turn to their television or musical tastes for inspiration, and you can do the same!

And without further ado, here we go! Next, we leave you a list of names for dogs inspired by Marvel. But, beware! They are only suitable for true superheroes…: P

Get inspired by the Marvel universe to name your dog

  • Spider-Man. You know that dog that goes everywhere to investigate what is here or there? Small, restless, funny and hard to catch. This is the perfect name for a dog with that personality. Does it hit yours?
  • Captain America. If your dog is a defender and protector by nature (regardless of the breed), this is the name for him.
  • We are not looking to put this name to those dogs with a green color 😉 But it will hit you if we talk about a dog that is strong, big, has personality and “does not get wind”. One of those who, sometimes, it is difficult to move and it is possible that they take you instead of you to them.
  • A seductive dog by nature, which is very strong (in the sense of having experienced many things), good, and also has beautiful hair.
  • Dead Pool. We are not talking about your dog being the bad guy in the movie, but this nickname can hit a pet with a personality of those that is not afraid of anything, does not see the danger and does the odd trick every time it comes to you. clueless.
  • As you know, Mística is a mutant capable of imitating the appearance and voice of any person. A name for a dog whose personality changes quickly. As soon as she is calm and relaxed like her, suddenly she seems different and becomes restless and nervous.
  • Howard Stark’s butler and confidant. Perfect for a loyal, well behaved dog that never leaves your side.
  • Nicknamed “the destroyer,” we don’t need to tell you much about your dog’s personality if he decides to give him this name. For the naughty ones who like to chew on everything… Drax is loud and powerful.
  • Valid for very curious and brave dogs for whom the years do not pass (it is occasionally revealed that Fury takes a medicine to not age).
  • Although initially a villain, Groot evolves into a noble and heroic character. Could you say that your dog was not well behaved and then evolved to be the best dog in the world? Perhaps Groot is the best name for him.

Whatever name you choose, remember that if your dog is also going to be a faithful fan of Marvel, it must wear some identification from the saga 😉


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