“She is… She is the prettiest, the kindest and most patient, the one who realizes when you’re pachuch@, the one who stands between the unknown and the smallest in the house just in case… she is, Kora…” This beautiful message is the one that Xenia Tostado dedicates to her dog Kora, the beautiful German shepherd who has fallen in love with the actress and her partner Rodolfo Sancho.

Xenia Tostado loves her dog Kora very much, but she does not need to proclaim it to the four winds through social networks, as other celebrities do, although it is true that as fans of dogs and of Xenia Tostado we miss knowing a little. a little more of the pet. Of course, when she occasionally shares an image of the German shepherd, she accompanies her with #unconditionallove or #learntolove.

Kora, Xenia Tostado’s pet

  • Xenia Tostado and Rodolfo Sancho had a girl not too long ago. They have called her Jimena, although they could have named her Kora’s best friend (although she is a long name in the family book). As proof of how well the girl and the dog should get along, this Christmas photo. It seems that Kora is very careful and patient with the baby. From the images, it could be said that the German shepherd is very affectionate because the actress has also shared one in which they hug each other.
  • But Kora is not the only adorable animal that appears on Xenia Tostado’s social networks. The actress is moved and has a lot of fun with the photos of furry animals, which is why she has videos of kittens hugging each other, of a rabbit taking a shower… She even has an image caressing a horse with whom she hit it off, we don’t know if for a filming or for pleasure.


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