If you are desperately looking for a good name for your dog, here are some original ideas. And on this occasion, we pay a small tribute to the old continent. These are 10 names inspired by European countries.

The best names for pets

  1. If you want your dog to have an original name, put Spain. This one hits more for female dogs, but you can put it on all kinds of pets.
  2. The Gallic country can inspire you to choose a good way to call your dog. It will look great on the finest pets in the park.
  3. Pay a small tribute to the 38 million inhabitants of Poland by naming your dog after this country.
  4. Does your pet have the face of being called Greece? It is a name with a very beautiful sound that can look great on any pet.
  5. If you have a male dog, Cyprus may look great on him. This name will reflect very well the beauty of the cutest dogs.
  6. The country of Valletta has an ideal name for a pet. It will be great for dogs of any breed and size because it is a valid name for all.
  7. This name conveys a lot of elegance, without a doubt. If your dog always has her head held high wherever she goes, this name will look great on her.
  8. The strongest dogs should have a name like Russia. If, in addition, it is of considerable size, your pet is the perfect candidate to bear this name.
  9. If you like Albania, but it seems like a very long name, you can shorten it to Albi. Therefore, it is a name that can hit both males and females.
  10. Another good idea inspired by European countries is Bosnia. It can look great on the funniest pets.


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