To help you choose a good name for that new puppy in your home, we give you some great ideas. We have selected some names that convey how strong these pets are. Here are 10 name ideas for your husky.

10 name ideas for your husky

  1. The most famous husky in the world is the brave Balto. Give your pet such a heroic name to show all the strength of it.
  2. Although we can now see them all over the world, this breed of dog was used in the coldest areas to pull sleds. Therefore, Snow is a great name for this type of pet.
  3. Otto’s name conveys hardness and a lot of strength, very important characteristics for huskies. It is perfect for dogs of this breed because they are large.
  4. If you have a female dog, Lupita is a very pretty name that will fit any loving husky like a glove.
  5. This name transmits a lot of sympathy, as much as that of your puppy. It is a very good option for the funniest pets.
  6. Giving a dog a personal name can be a very good idea, because it is a very original way of calling your pet. How do you see Samu for your dog?
  7. This name is very sweet, so it will give a touch of tenderness to your pet. Look at your puppy’s face and decide if a name like this suits him.
  8. Classics like this never fail. Rulfo is a perfect name for the most affectionate huskies. If your pet is very cute, it is a very successful option.
  9. If there is something that stands out in huskies, it is her amazing eyes, as much or more than those of Elizabeth Taylor. If your dog is male, instead of Lisa you can put Taylor, which can also be a male name.
  10. This name, which can fit both males of this breed and females, will show all the energy and strength that characterize your dog.


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