If Soraya got all her pets together, she might as well set up a zoo. He loves animals because in addition to giving him his affection, they are the ideal companions.

Soraya has a beautiful husky named Nomuk. His social media accounts are full of photos and videos of the dog. Soraya has managed to educate his dog very well. He has even taught her some tricks like the typical one with the paw. Soraya adopted Nomuk when she was working as a flight attendant.

The dogs of the singer Soraya on Instagram

From living with some Indians in Costa Rica, he moved to Extremadura, where he now lives with the singer’s parents to have more space to run. At Soraya’s house there are not only dogs. Molly and Tino, two beautiful cats, have also managed to win the singer’s heart.

  • A very short time ago, Soraya’s family grew. The new member also has four legs and is just as furry as his other little brothers: his name is Bowie. The story of this new pet could well star in a movie with a happy ending. Bowie appeared after a concert in Badajoz and it was the dancers who accompany Soraya who saw him with a sad face. Although he was dirty and full of ticks, they couldn’t help but fall in love with him.
  • Bowie was waiting by the hotel crying all night until Soraya gave him something to eat and drink. Bowie had already made a little hole in the singer’s heart (already full of pets), so he decided to take him with her to take care of her. After a good bath and combing, Bowie was as good as new. But, although he had already fallen in love with the little one, his sense of responsibility was greater, so he uploaded several photos to social networks in case his real owners recognized him. Right now he is already one of the house, although according to Soraya through Instagram, he is still in the process of integrating into the family, especially with the cat pets in the house. In this case, it is true that they get along like the cat and the dog.


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