If you ask Michelle Jenner what is the little pleasure in life that she enjoys the most, her most likely answer is that what she likes the most is having her dogs climb on her bed to say good morning.

Ringo is playful, somewhat silly, affectionate… and the French bulldog that Michelle Jenner fell in love with at first sight. Although the actress is against buying animals in stores and most of her pets have been adopted, she saw something in little Ringo’s face on the other side of the window that made her buy it.

Michelle Jenner’s pets

  • Ringo is not the actress’s first pet since before, among others, she had a beautiful English bulldog who died when she was young and several cats. She has been used to living with animals since she was very young and always tries to fill her house with more than one four-legged friend. The last to join the family has been Truffle. For this reason, she is very clear that you have to know how to educate them well so that they do not get on your hump.
  • They say that everything sticks, except beauty… and according to what Michelle herself tells in an interview, Ringo could perfectly participate in a movie with her because he’s quite theatrical. He tries to spend as much time as he can with his pets, even though his job is hard. For this reason, he sometimes takes Audrey with him to the set, an adopted dog to whom he gives all the love in the world.
  • But then again, Michelle Jenner has a big heart when it comes to abandoned dogs. Her great wish is that all dogs have the family and the love they deserve. For this reason, she usually shares photos on social networks in which she shows homeless pets so that all her followers are encouraged to adopt. She collaborates with some associations to protect the rights of animals.  She even presented a program entirely starring animals.


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