We are looking for the best ways to call that puppy that will soon be arriving at your home. On this occasion, we are inspired by some of the most relevant historical figures. These are great dog names inspired by important women.

Cool pet names

  1. Scientist Marie Curie was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize. Therefore, she deserves all possible tributes, including yours when choosing her name for your new pet.
  2. Cleopatra’s name evokes elegance and power. If this is the best way to describe your pet, Cleo can be an ideal name for the puppy that is going to come to your house.
  3. Simone de Beauvoir was a faithful defender of human rights and the figure of women. Name your puppy Beau, which in French means beautiful, in the honor of this philosopher.
  4. The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo has inspired all the generations of women that have come after her. It is a great name for your female dog if you are looking for a way to call her original.
  5. Kill hari. Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, also known as Mata Hari, is a very mysterious character in the story. It can inspire you to find a unique name for your pet.
  6. Olympia de Gouges promoted the ‘Declaration of the Rights of Women and of the Citizen’ with what this entailed in the defense of women. Can you imagine your dog with this name?
  7. Shut up. If you are looking for a very special name for your female pup, you can name her Callas, after Maria the soprano.
  8. If your dog exudes sensuality like Marilyn Monroe, this name will suit her perfectly. This pop icon can serve as inspiration.
  9. This name honors Emmeline Pankhurst, one of the most notable British suffragettes in history. This name, in addition to claiming, is very original.
  10. The singer Édith Piaf can inspire you to choose the best name for your pet. If your dog is one of those who seems to always live ‘en rose’, you can give her this great name.


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