Of medium size, the Labrador dog is one of the most beautiful and desired dogs. As a pet, it stands out for its unwavering loyalty and intelligence and also has an affable character. That is why they are suitable as companion dogs for all ages, from children to the elderly, becoming a great help on a day-to-day basis.

If you are going to acquire a Labrador, you should start thinking about the most appropriate name for your dog. In this article we have a dictionary of names for dogs in which you will find all the most original, fun and appropriate names for your Labrador dog.

7 Labrador Dog Names

  1. Either because of the writer Truman Capote, or because of the popularity of the movie The Truman Show, many people choose this name for their dog that is perfect for an affectionate and calm Labrador.
  2. With a strong Latin accent, Rufus is an ideal name for a Labrador, as it brings a distinguished touch and a lot of personality. Your Rufus is sure to become the most popular dog in the park.
  3. In honor of actress Greta Garbo, many female Labradors bear this name, which sounds elegant and forceful at the same time. It won’t be hard for your pup to learn to answer for this very cinematic name.
  4. We know some girls named Maya, as we also know the most famous bee on television. If you like the name Maya, have no problem giving it to your Labrador because it will suit her perfectly.
  5. It is one of the dog names that we like the most and it is also perfect for a restless, alert and intelligent Labrador dog. The best company, surely you will find it from the hand of Pancho.
  6. You can choose the name of your Labrador puppy according to the color of her hair. Many dogs of this breed have caramel or cinnamon-colored skin, so Cinnamon is their ideal name.
  7. If your Labrador is chocolate brown or black, you can choose the name Marley alluding to the legendary singer. It is a fun dog name and with which your pet will surely win over the whole neighborhood.


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