These dog names are inspired by those stories we read before going to sleep. They are endearing names and they transport you to that moment when everything was simpler. These are 10 dog names inspired by children’s stories.

The best names for dogs

  1. If your dog is the most magical in the park, you have to give him a name like Merlin, the great wizard. In addition, it is a name with a lot of history as well as being very original.
  2. Hansel or Gretel.  If your dog is a wolverine and is also a male, you have to call him Hansel. However, if he is a female, a name like Gretel would suit him better.
  3. The town most famous in Germany for its rats may inspire you to give your dog a good name. Hamelin is, above all, a rather original name.
  4. Little Red Riding Hood.  If when you were little you loved the story of Little Red Riding Hood, you have to give your dog a name related to this children’s story.
  5. Aurora is the protagonist of the beautiful tale of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. If your dog is a bit sleepy but is also beautiful, this name may be perfect for her.
  6. Chickpea or Thumb.  If you have a small dog, you have to give it a name like Garbancito or Pulgarcito.  He will be the most adorable in the park.
  7. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is one of the most beautiful children’s stories and can inspire you to give your dog a good name. You can also try Dorothy or Totó.
  8. If your puppy is an intrepid person who is not afraid of any adventure, Sinbad may be an ideal name for him.
  9. Little curls.  Goldilocks is one of the funniest characters in all children’s stories. If, in addition, your dog has curly fur, it is perfect for him, whether he is male or female.
  10. If you are looking for an original name for a brave pet, consider this name that refers to the protagonist of the story ‘Juan without fear’.


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