The breed to which your dog belongs is a very important factor in choosing its name. But one thing must be made clear, dogs that do not have a breed are as beautiful as any other and it is worth considering adopting when you want to bring a new pet to the home. When choosing the best name for your dog, you should take into account his character but, of course, also his physical appearance. Surely you have ever wondered what name suits your dog according to its breed from him. Here are some ideas for large breed dogs, medium breed dogs, and small breed dogs.

The best names for each breed of dog

  • If you have a small Beagle, the names that most suit him due to his physical appearance are Spots or Dot. Its olfactory capacity is very high, so you could also call it Nose.
  • Maltese Bichon. Dogs of this breed are very social and enjoy being around humans, so a good name might be Friend. Because of his funny hair, you could call him Fluffy.
  • Thor, Sasha, Kaiser… we can think of many names that convey the strength and intensity that this breed of dog usually has. Find a name for him that shows that he is a dog with personality.
  • Although there are several types of Bulldog, they all have certain physical traits in common. They are very funny dogs, which is why a name like Curro, Tango, Gordo/an or Luna suits them a lot.
  • bull terrier. Dogs of this breed are very special so you have to find a name that reflects it, such as Unique or King/Queen.
  • Leo Messi has a poodle named Toby. You can also put others like Curls or Soft because of his fur. Other more original names for dogs are: Anabel or Benito.
  • Dogs of this breed are very funny, which is why they deserve such a funny name as Elvis or Matilda. If you are more of a classic, you can choose among others like Tod, Lucky or Linda.
  • This breed is so small that a good name could be Pacifier or Sock. But you can copy the names of famous pets like Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell.
  • Chow chow. Dogs of this breed are real hairballs and they get a name that reflects how soft they are. You can call them Lana, Nino, Pelota, Mambo…
  • The ears of the dogs of this breed are long. There are many names that are suitable for them because of their elegant appearance: Coqueto, Seda, Dana, Petro, Terry…
  • The most famous Collie of all time was Lassie, but you can also look for a more attractive name for your dog of this breed like Espiga, because of how stylized he is, or Tadeo.
  • Pongo and Perdita were the main dogs in the movie ‘100 Dalmatians’. There will also be thousands of pets of this breed called Spots or Polka Dots. But you can also call them Troy or Achilles, names with a lot of history and that sound very elegant.
  • This dog is fast and very stylized. You can call him Speedy or look at, for example, Jorge Javier Vázquez who is the owner of four greyhounds for which he has chosen names like Cartago or Lima.
  • golden retriever. Leto, Bruno, Nina, Lisa… Golden retrievers look great with names that are strong and not too long. They are very affectionate dogs but need to be taught some commands.
  • Great Dane. This breed should not be called Great Dane, but Huge Dane, which is why they give it names that refer to its enormous wingspan, such as Hulk, Goliath or Giant.
  • These are possibly some of the most elegant dogs, so it is worth taking a moment to think of a good name. Timber, Maya, Claire, Max…
  • German shepherd. Rex is a very famous dog of this breed, but you can find other big names like Wendy, Tapón, Hercules or Kayla.
  • Pit-bull. Pay homage to the rapper Pit-bull and name your dog Dale… just kidding! Those of this race are given names like Faust, Coco, Gandalf or Kevin.
  • This is one of the most common breeds among celebrities. Some celebrities have named their pets Polly, Bella, Miley, Noa or Pasta.
  • Saint Bernard. Perhaps the most common name for a dog of this breed is Beethoven, like the one in the famous movie. But you can also be a little more original and call him Tristan, Greta or Zoe.
  • West Highland White Terrier. This breed, also called a Westie, is very playful and fun. Lulu, Kiko, Wilco, Sancha, Pipa…
  • If you have a dog of this breed, try to find a name that is somewhat original but that reflects his way of being. Get inspired by the following: Frodo, Nara, Pinto, Buxter…


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