If there is a breed of dog that enjoys a very bad reputation, it is the Pit-bull. However, animal experts say there is no reason to define this type of dog as naturally aggressive. Based on the belief that a dog is not born aggressive, but rather made, many people choose a Pit-bull as a pet and have no problem with it.

In this article we have created a dictionary of names for dogs with names for all breeds of dogs, for large or small dogs, males or females. And they are original, classic, popular, traditional, rare or funny names, for all tastes. These are the 8 Pit-bull names that we like the most.

8 Pit-bull Dog Names

  1. It is one of the most beautiful and fun names for dogs. If your dog is a Pit-bull, surely Juancho softens a bit the strong character that is attributed to this breed of dog.
  2. Although we associate this name more with a pig, the truth is that it is ideal to reduce the ferocity of your Pit-bull dog. With this name your pet will be the most charming in the park.
  3. This name is related to the dragon, so it is perfect for your dog to keep his distance from the other pets in the neighborhood.
  4. Roberta or Rigoberta would be the full name of your Pit-bull puppy. You will surely love this name with a personality that sounds forceful and full of energy.
  5. A short and simple name is perhaps what your Pit-bull needs to feel comfortable. Max is one of the most popular names for dogs and it suits any breed of dog and dogs of all sizes.
  6. Good Karma is what your Pit-bull dog will project if you choose this mystical name that is so fashionable. Without a doubt, Karma will cause a sensation among the other dogs in the park.
  7. No, your Pit-bull is not a brute, he doesn’t even give off that ferocity that they sometimes talk about. But this Latin name will be ideal to reinforce the personality of your pet.
  8. The most seductive dog, because Pit bulls can also be delicate and flirtatious, is called Petunia. One of the most beautiful names for female dogs of all breeds.


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