Do you already know what name to give to that puppy that is going to join your family soon? If the name is the only thing you need to have your arrival fully prepared, we have come to your rescue: we help you find the best dog names.

There are thousands of possible nicknames for your dog. To narrow it down a bit, we propose some ideas for names for dogs with the letter G. They are original proposals that are valid for both large and small breeds, for female and male dogs… We suggest very nice names! Choose the one you like best and call it: GRRRRR.

Names for dogs with the letter G


First of all, we propose Gabi as a name for your pet. It is a somewhat controversial option, since not everyone agrees with naming pets after a person. However, when done with good intentions, it is the best tribute you can pay to someone you admire.

Gabi is a pretty name for both males and females. It comes from Gabriel, a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Strength of God’. Would you name your pet that? Choosing the perfect nickname for him is a complicated decision that cannot be taken lightly. For this reason, we recommend that you take all the time you need to choose it, even if it means that the puppy remains nameless for a few days.


Are you looking for a name that suggests a lot of strength and character? In such a case, you have to include Gretchen in your list of possible candidates. Ella is a name of Germanic origin, so it is ideal for dog breeds of this origin: German Shepherd Pomeranian, Dachshund, Schnauzer, Doberman… As you can see, all of them are dogs with a lot of personality, as much as your puppy.

As a variation of Gretchen we propose Greta, another nice way to call your pet that will reinforce its way of being. Do you like German names for dogs? We have many more ideas that could serve as inspiration.


If you want your dog to identify with its name, be inspired by the color of its fur. If he’s blonde, call him Golden; if he has brown fur, put Chocolate on him; and if you have gray hair, Gray is the most beautiful name you will find. This name with the G has strength, but also a lot of panache, so your pup will become the envy of the park. The rest of the owners will wonder how a name like this has not occurred to them before.


Greñas is one of those names that automatically brings a smile to everyone who hears it. Therefore, it is designed for pets that have a more affable and affectionate character. Greñas is one of those unisex names that could flatter both females and males. But it’s also the kind of nickname that could suit all races with long hair.

And if, in addition, your pet has black hair, even better. If this is the case of your puppy and you want to consider other nickname ideas, do not hesitate to take a look at these other names for puppies with dark fur.


Any big fashion fans around here? Maybe your puppy? If so, we suggest Gisele as a name for your pet, like Gisele Bündchen. This nickname makes more sense if you take into account that this model is passionate about dogs and that, in addition, she has been the owner of several beautiful specimens.

Are you considering naming your pet after a top model? Do not stay in the most classic! In this article we suggest other names that could be better suited to the way your pet is. Take note!


This name may seem a bit strange to you, but the truth is that it has a logical meaning and makes a lot of sense. Gǒu means ‘dog’ in Chinese, making it the perfect pet nickname for owners who like Asian culture. The dog is one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac, and those born during the Year of the Dog are usually loyal and highly sociable. As much as your pet?

We like this name a lot because it is original, but you should avoid it if you don’t feel very comfortable pronouncing it. If it seems like a very complex name to you, you will end up getting fed up with it when it is too late to change it to your pet. If you want more names inspired by the Chinese zodiac, check it out!


We continue to propose very original names for your pet. In this case, we were inspired by the Olympic Games to come up with names for the most athletic dogs. How about Golf for your male pup? It is a direct name with a lot of personality, ideal for transmitting the powerful way of being of your puppy. If, in addition, your dog is a great fan of small balls, this name is the most appropriate for him!


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