The name of your pet is important because it will be part of its personality. It is true that there are some dog names that fit all breeds and sizes, but there are breeds that require a special name. Because your pet is special, give it a very special name.

In this article we know that it is not always easy to find the most appropriate name for your breed of dog. That’s why we have a dictionary of names for dogs with beautiful, original, funny or classic names. We also have dog name ideas based on their breed.

Names for puppies according to the breed

  1. English bulldog. Your English bulldog needs strong names like Harpo, Velvet, Leti, Rambo, Ginger or Morgan, all of them easy to remember and with a lot of personality.
  2. French bulldog. The small, super-funny French bulldog easily answers to names like Vito, Mica, Sinatra, Nelly, Nano, Thelma or even Filipo.
  3. His name must be as special as your Dalmatian dog, which is perfectly suited to names like Ulises, Perdita, Pinta, Sofi, Pirata or Rufus.
  4. Pug or Carlino. For a pup as adorable as a pug you need a charming name like Yoda, Elton, Juanita, Capone, Lucas or Macu.
  5. No one will be able to be afraid of your precious rottweiler if you give him names like Samanta, Barbie, Tyson, Attila, Draco, Anastasia or Romina.
  6. Your fun little schanuzer dog needs playful names like Freddy, Truffle, Sebastian, Whiskers, Sabrina or Tomás.
  7. German shepherd. Your German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dogs, which is why he needs powerful names like Rex, Thor, Arya, Mia, Boss or Gala.
  8. Your loyal Labrador Retriever needs names that boost that confidence he inspires. Names like Greta, Pancho, Canela, Maya, Truman or Marley are ideal.
  9. Your pitbull is not as fierce as they say, so you can give him funny names like Brutus, Max, Petunia, Karma, Draco, Berta, Pegui or Juancho.
  10. The perfect pet for the whole family is a cocker spaniel. The best names for this breed of dog are Merlin, Terry, Gilda, Julieta, Tequila or Gaspar.
  11. Small and fun, your Chihuahua needs a name with personality like Ramón, Rita, Coco, Piti, Susi or Tito.
  12. Your poodle needs a name that is as active and fun as its character. That is why we have chosen names like Yasmine, Byron, Tita, Peluche or Lucho for him.


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