Having a pet with the same name as a celebrity’s dog gives a lot of cachet. If you call your dog one of these names, you’ll be one step closer to being like one of these models. We give you some original ideas for you to call that new puppy that is coming home. Name your dog after the pets of models and designers

 Pet names

  • Rosie is one of Kylie Jenner’s new pets. Like her previous puppies, Rosie is a beautiful Italian greyhound. This name could suit your female pet very well, but if you have a male you can also name it Harlie, like another of her pets. Surely you have also heard a lot about Norman and Bambi. Do you like them as a name for your pet?
  • Model Miranda Kerr’s new pet is called Teddy. This name is perfect if your pet is your favorite bear, because if you translate this word from English it means just that, teddy bear. This name is a classic among pet names, so you can be sure that it will not fail you. It is a more appropriate name for males.
  • Marc Jacobs is a big fan of his dog. His name is Neville and he is a beautiful and friendly white bull terrier with dark spots. The designer does not stop sharing images in which he appears with his two pets, and he is also the owner of Lady. Both are very modern dogs, since they have their own profile on Instagram. Specifically, Neville has more than 200 thousand followers.
  • Herry is one of the most famous dogs on social networks and also one of the most envied because Andrés Velencoso is completely in love with him. If you have a light-colored Labrador, this name will suit him very well. This name is quite original, so it is ideal for the most special pets, and there will be those who confuse it with Henry.
  • Former model Mar Saura has decided on the name of Willow for her little pet. It is a dark brown Pomeranian and according to her account of her own ‘mother’ of hers, she is a bit mischievous, but very affectionate. And if your dog is the same, this can be a very nice name for him. It’s a perfect name for the tiniest of furballs.
  • Mini Moon. This funny name corresponds to that of Linda Evangelista’s pet. This model is the owner of a beautiful black French bulldog. If you are looking for a very funny name for your pet, you can be inspired by this friendly and famous dog who, by the way, also has his own profile on Instagram.
  • Laura Sánchez’s model has made her pet a fashion dog. She has her own profile on her Instagram with about 4,500 followers, she is interviewed in magazines and she has a closet that we would like more than one. If you want your dog to be as chic as Juanita, name her after her. Maybe she’s stuck with something… It’s a very funny name that you can always shorten to Juani.
  • Malena Costa is completely in love with her pet. Roco is the French bulldog who has managed to conquer her. This name is ideal for both female and male pets of any breed, although it will suit dogs that transmit a lot of strength. If your dog is tough as a rock, this name suits him a lot.
  • Rebeca is the absolute protagonist of the Instagram profile of the designer Juanma Cabezón, since she appears in a fairly high number of his photos. If you are one of those who thinks that dogs deserve a personal name, this is the one you are looking for. However, remember that you should not choose it if you have a friend or family member with that name. If Rebecca seems like too long a name, you can always shorten it to Rebecca.
  • This name is original, very appropriate length and, in addition, that is the name of Jon Kortajarena’s pet. The model has dedicated words as beautiful as these: “My prince. One day I picked him up from the street thinking that I was going to save his life, but in the end he is saving mine.” Surely it is a very good source of inspiration to choose the best name for your dog.


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