They are the most loyal friends, they give love without expecting anything in return, they always have a smile to give you… Pets are a mirror in which we should look more frequently. Although they may seem like very basic beings, we can (and should) look at them to be better people and, above all, to gain happiness! Do not miss the 10 lessons from your dog that will make you happier. Let’s be a little more dogs!

What can we learn from dogs?

Little things make them very happy

Dogs don’t need large kennels or the latest toy on the market to be happy. In fact, little things like their old ball or ratty bed make them much happier than any luxury you can provide. Don’t you think we should take note?

All they care about is enjoying

Tomorrow’s reports, how I will do my hair for Christmas, what excuse am I going to give him for not going to his house to eat… We have so many worries on a daily basis that we forget about the most important thing: having fun! Dogs are very clear that all they have to do is face the day with all the enthusiasm in the world. Perhaps the key is to stop trying to get everything under control.

Dogs live in today

Carpe Diem! Dogs don’t think about yesterday, let alone tomorrow… and they’re very happy! Maybe we should play like pets and stop worrying so much about the consequences of our actions. Today, you have an adventure in front of your eyes. Why not live it to the fullest?

They don’t leave for tomorrow what they can do today

Since there is no tomorrow for dogs, they do not procrastinate. If they fancy something, they do it now: if they want a hole in the ground to hide their treasure, they get down to business now; if they feel like taking a nap, they do it right now… Dogs don’t leave for tomorrow what they can do today or right now. And for humans, procrastinating makes us enter a dangerous loop of anxiety and insecurity.

Dogs don’t judge

Has your dog ever given you dirty looks for drinking straight from the milk bottle without using a glass? Or has he made a fuss when he has seen you in those pajamas so old that you are reluctant to throw them away because they are so comfortable? No! Your dog will never judge you for the way you are or act, but he will love you just the way you are. This is a very simple way to take the worries off your shoulders, right?

Be spontaneous

Dogs don’t think too long before they act and they don’t do too badly, do they? Yes, sometimes they get dirty, they fall, they crash… but they always come out ahead. Dogs are very authentic, something we should take note of to be a little happier.

The importance of physical contact

There are dogs that are very cold and avoid all kinds of human contact, however, in general, these pets are always looking for a hug or a caress. They are aware that physical contact is therapeutic and almost miraculous. When they notice that humans are sad, angry or hurt, they don’t take long to jump on our legs or lie on our feet as if to tell us that everything is fine and that they are by our side for whatever we need. In addition, dogs use licking to show all their love and connect with the person or dog in front of them.

Love has to be shown like dogs

Everything would be a little easier if we didn’t put so many impediments to show love for the people you love. If a dog loves you, he will show it to you every day of the year and this is the key to being happy.

Dog feelings are always honest

If a dog doesn’t like you, he’ll let you know by barking or growling, but if you give him confidence, he’ll be excited to see you. Dogs’ feelings are always honest, something we could learn to be happier.

If a dog is sad, it will not try to hide the feeling. He will not be able to avoid lowering his tail or making a sad face, but as soon as he can, he will forget it and try to find something that makes him happy. For example, if you don’t let him out in the garden because it’s raining, he’ll be sad, but soon he’ll forget about it and start playing with his plastic squeaky doll.

Keep fit

To be happy, you need to stay active. And dogs, even when they are very old, try to lead a more or less busy life. Walking through the park, running from one corner to another, sleeping all the necessary hours… And they are very happy!


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