Since there are no two without three, Zooey Deschanel didn’t feel complete until she met Zelda and Dot, two beautiful little dogs that little is known about but that the actress adores. The story of this fantastic trio began when the ‘New Girl ‘ actress adopted the dogs at a shelter to give them all the love that no one had given them until then. From that moment until now, they have become the apples of his eyes.

Zooey had never had pets, but for a birthday her partner wanted to give her a dog and they went to a pet shelter to find new friends. They only wanted a dog, but like good sisters, Zelda and Dot love each other so much that they never part, so they had to take the couple home. They have become so important in her life that they even accompany her to work from time to time.

Zooey Deschanel’s Pets

  • What Zooey Deschanel feels for animals has to be considered passion, at least from what can be seen from her photos. In her Instagram account not only her dogs appear, but many other animals such as cats or horses. Although without a doubt, the protagonists of her social networks are Zelda and Dot. The actress is very dedicated to the fight for the rights of the hairiest. She has participated in various campaigns to promote the welfare of animals. In addition, she has on occasion asked her fans to send her photos with her pets.
  • Zooey ‘s highly imaginative mind is always looking for new costumes to dress up in and have a good time. But she’s not the only one in his house who dresses up even if it’s not Halloween. Her rescued puppies also have to put up with being dressed because Zooey loves to take pictures of them. However, she admits that after taking the snapshot, she removes their costumes. And it is that according to the actress in an interview, they are not presumptuous dogs at all and they hate all kinds of decorations ‘for girls’.


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