How many hours do you spend a day on social networks? Surely more than you would like, but not as many as with your dog. Let yourself be inspired by some of the terms related to them to find a very original way to call your pet. Your dog will be the most modern with these names taken from social networks.

Original names for technological pets

  1. Raise your hand who has never entered Facebook. If you are one of the more than 1.6 billion users of this social network and have ever felt trapped by its pages, profiles and walls, you can call your puppy Face. This name, which can fit both males and females, is very original. But if you want a more normal name, but inspired by this social network, you can opt for Mark, for its founder Mark Zuckerberg, or Beast, as his dog.
  2. Twitter has half the planet hooked, you too? If the answer is yes, you should write this name on the list of possible ways to “christen” your puppy. In this microblogging social network you can find everything from intellectual comments to the silliest bullshit on the web, making it a very versatile name. If you translate to tweet from English, it means ‘chirping’, so it’s a name that will suit small dogs that have high-pitched barks.
  3. urges If you love letting others see how well you’re doing in life while keeping up with your every move, the perfect name for your pet is Insta. Instagram is on everyone’s lips because it has become the meeting place for an entire generation. If you want to bet on this social network, but be a little more discreet, perhaps you can name it after one of its filters such as Juno, named after the name of the dog of one of the founders of the social network, or Hudson, for the american river.
  4. Are you the queen of posturing or has your pet already won you? The posturing is rampant on social networks that would no longer be understood without users showing off. You can name your dog Postu in honor of all the people who have made posturing their way of life. There are certain more ‘posturing’ breeds such as the Dalmatian, the Greyhound or the Chihuahua.
  5. With this choice you will be making direct reference to social networks, but also to the bookmarking and linking website Reddit. If you have a friendly dog, one of those who win over strangers just with their eyes, this name is perfect for him or her. It will look great on dogs whose coat is reddish, as in breeds such as cocker spaniels, dachshunds or Pekingese.
  6. What would social networks be without the possibility of sharing content. There will be those who think that you have given your pet this name referring to the actions of the financial markets, which will give it a higher level touch. This name can suit males and females of any breed, since it is a very versatile nickname. If you put this name to your pet, you will make it the most special.
  7. Most social networks have a chat, either private or public, to interact with other users. If every time another dog is crossed, your pet can’t help but bark, that is, have a chat with her new friend, this name will suit her very well.   Also, you should know that chat means cat in French, which gives this name an ironic touch that only the most creative minds will discover.
  8. The only thing that beats the sheer volume of posturing on social media is the amount of memes flooding it. If these images or videos that are massively viralized by the networks are as funny as your dog, this should be your option. Also, you should keep in mind that, beyond its concept, the word meme sounds very cute. If you have children at home, it can be a good name for your pet, since it will not be too difficult for them to pronounce it.
  9. Hashtags are already part of our lives. These tags work as groupers of content on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Hashtag is a bit of a long word and can be hard to pronounce when you have to scold your pet, so you can shorten it to Hash. It is more appropriate for male pets, although it is up to you to decide.
  10. Although this term is not directly related to social networks, we did not want to stop mentioning such a beautiful proposal for a pet now that we are talking about new technologies. Cloud, which translated into Spanish is cloud, is a service that allows you to work over the Internet. This name is perfect for dog breeds whose fur is very fluffy, such as the Pomeranian or the Maltese.


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