Are you one of those who do not separate from your dog even to go to sleep? Do you have strict rules for your pet to sleep in its own bed? Sure you love cuddling your cuddly pup while you sleep, but does this help you sleep better or disrupt your sleep? We will tell you about the results of the investigation that tries to clarify whether you should sleep with your pet or it is better for it to have its own hammock. Is it good to let your dog sleep in your bedroom?

Is it good to let your dog sleep in your bedroom?

A study published by the Mayo Clinic Proceedings magazine ensures that sharing a room with your dog does not affect your sleep at all, at least if he sleeps outside your bed. For this research, 40 healthy dog ​​owners without diagnosed sleep disorders were studied for 7 nights. An activity measurement device was used to obtain the sleep patterns of humans and dogs.

Does it affect sleep efficiency?

After comparing the data from both humans and dogs, the results showed that sleep efficiency does not vary significantly when pets are in the bedroom and when they sleep outside, in fact, in some cases sleep is improved. However, the quality of human sleep is lower when sharing a bed with your dog. Therefore, you can put him in your bedroom with you, but forget about him lying next to you.

According to the experts in this study, the relationship between owners and their pets has changed and more and more dogs are sleeping in their owners’ rooms. To make up for the hours they spend away from their pets when they’re at work, owners open up their bedrooms to pets.

Consider if your dog is clean

On the other hand, before letting your dog on your bed you have to consider whether it is clean enough. He may have been running around the park, but he can also drool and other types of bodily secretions on your sheets. If you suffer from asthma, it is not recommended that you put it on the bed. Also, you should keep in mind that letting him or not get on your bed is part of the type of education you want to give him. Listening to the cries of a puppy who wants to sleep with his owner can be very hard, but if you don’t want him to get used to resting in your bedroom, he should learn to sleep in his corner from the beginning. By climbing into your bed, you are giving him part of your position in the pack that you form.


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