If you are looking for a different name for your pet, take a look at the following list of ideas. Below we offer you 10 dog names inspired by food and food. Who warns is not a traitor: you will get hungry every time you call him.

The best names for pets 

  1. This name will make your dog the most special in the park. It is ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes, although it would be better for male pets.
  2. This name will go especially well on your dog if it is pepper colored. It is perfect for both females and males. You can choose its Spanish version, which is Pepper.
  3. This fruit can be a perfect name for the most special dogs. If you want to give your dog a touch of class, put Apple on it. Also, it sounds very elegant.
  4. Smaller dogs really like being called Garbancito, like the brave character in the children’s story. This is the ideal name for the little but bullies.
  5. If your pet is one of those that does not stop moving for a moment, you can put Jelly on it, which translated into Spanish would be Gelatin. It is a great name for female pets.
  6. Hot dog. Since Hot Dog is a bit long, you can choose Hotdog as the name. Everyone will split when they know the name you have chosen for your pet.
  7. This name conveys a lot of strength and is ideal for dogs with a stronger personality. Also, the crumbles are so good…
  8. If your pet is chubby like no other and always feels good, you have to call it Tortilla. It is a very original name that will make your dog unique.
  9. The Mexican mole is a delight that can inspire you to choose the best name for your dog. It’s great for dogs of all breeds and sizes, but it’ll look especially cute on Chihuahuas.
  10. Haggis is a somewhat special food typical of Scotland, however, it can be a very funny name for a pet like yours.


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