If you really love your pet, think about its name before deciding. Remember that it is for life. You may need a little inspiration to find the perfect nickname because it is best that you take into account their size, color and race. Here are some ideas. These are the best names for Chihuahua dogs in 2017.

The most beautiful names for chihuahuas

  • If your dog is fun and friendly, you can call him Pitingo. It is one of the best names for chihuahuas because it can be shortened to Piti, and it refers to how small they are.
  • If you want to be as glamorous and famous as the celebrities, you have to name your pet Tinkerbell. This is the name of the late Paris Hilton’s dog and refers to Tinkerbell, the blonde fairy in a green suit who accompanies Peter Pan.
  • This breed needs a lot of attention. Also, in many cases, they are somewhat envious and capricious dogs, so what better name than to convey part of their way of being. To make it shorter, you can use the diminutive Capri. Perfect for 2017.
  • Little grasshopper. The Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds and also has slightly bulging eyes… almost as much as this insect.
  • Chihuahuas are playful, very active, and a bit nervous. And as it happens to Asterix when he is next to Obelix, when he is next to any other dog, he seems tiny.
  • You may have seen the movie ‘A Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ (Beverly Hills Chihuahua). If you are the ‘mom’ of a dog of this breed, this is the right name if you like short nicknames but at the same time sweet.
  • This is a very good name for your dog if it is light brown in color. It is a classic, but it will continue to be a trend in 2017.
  • What in. If your chihuahua is the queen of the house, you can call her Queen. Many people think that English names are classier, although Reina doesn’t sound bad. This is a common name for distinguished pets. If your Chihuahua is male, you can name him Rey.


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