Actress, model, muse… and owner of Niel. Liv Tyler, in addition to being one of the most elegant on the red carpet, is the proud companion of a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. No other breed would make such a good pairing with this actress since they are the dogs that appeared in the stately paintings of the upper social classes of the 16th century. And it is that this breed transmits serenity and glamour.

The actress enjoys, whenever her busy professional and family career allows her, next to her favorite pet. She loves to share morning affection with her dog Niel because, from the photos we have been able to see, he seems like a very calm and quite loving dog.

Niel, Liv Tyler’s famous Cavalier dog

  • It is a very active breed, so it needs to discharge all the energy that it carries within. Liv Tyler has to spend time taking care of her pet’s health and she sure does, you just have to see the chemistry they have.
  • The number of shared photos of Niel is the perfect amount: her fans are satisfied to feel part of the life of the actress and her pet without feeling overwhelmed by their photos. Liv Tyler really likes that chic aura that she gives to all her photos: she tries to choose the most elegant frames, uses black and white, takes artistic photographs… and among all these images, she dedicates a little space to Niel who, most of the time, it appears alone. She sometimes makes him the occasional sweetie like her that time when she congratulated him on her birthday through her Twitter account.


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