If you have already decided to fill your life with joy thanks to a pet, surely you are thinking a thousand times about the name that you are going to give it. Choosing a name isn’t always easy, as you’ll want it to represent the best qualities of your pup. Therefore, we have found some special names for female dogs that you can use for your puppy.

Aware of the importance that pets acquire in our lives, in this article we have created a dictionary of names for dogs. Here you will find the most popular names, the most original and the most suitable for the new member of the family. It will be very difficult for you to stay with only one!

Here are 10 female dog names

  • We propose very varied names so that you can contemplate all the options. There are short names, others are longer; some are inspired by something or someone while others are made up; there are funny nicknames and others more serious… Before choosing the name that you finally give it, you should weigh all the suggestions that we offer you and that you can think of to end up with the best name for your puppy.
  • As we have already told you on other occasions, you should remember that names that are too long are not advisable, because it will be more difficult for your pet to recognize its own name. Dogs tend to better understand the letter A and O, as well as names with one or two syllables. Avoid words that are difficult for you to pronounce and never give a name that another of your pets or a family member already has because every time you call them it will cause a lot of confusion.

Taking these tips into account and, with a little training and patience, your dog will end up delighted with his name. Take note of what we propose below.


This name is one of the most curious and charming for your female puppy, especially if it is a small dog with a lot of hair. And it is that the supposed etymological origin of Piti is none other than “fluff”. It is a nickname that we love because it carries great tenderness.

This name could suit all types of female dogs, regardless of their color, size, or personality. You can put it on both a large German Shepherd and a small Chihuahua. Do you see your dog with a name like Piti?


Although it is also a name for a person, Elvira is an ideal nickname for a dog with an air of nobility, haughty and with a lot of personality. She is a very appropriate way to call your pet if she usually has a serious face and is not usually very given to committing misdeeds. And it is that, like people, there are dogs that look old since they are puppies. Do you know any of these pets?

If Elvira seems too long a name and you think your dog is having a hard time learning it, you can remove some of its syllables and stay with Elvi or Vira. Originality to power!


Many of our mascots are named after fictional characters. This is the case of Arya, a name based on the most charming girl in the Game of Thrones series. This character is played by the actress Maisie Williams who is a great lover of animals. She is the owner of a funny dog ​​named Sonny, which is also another cute name that you could give your dog.

If you finally choose Arya for your pet, you will make her the most adorable dog in the park. And the bravest! If, in addition, your pet has a strong character and is very stubborn, what are you waiting for to give it a name like Arya?


Betty Boop, Betty White, Betty Mármol, Betty Monroe, Betty La Fea… One of the most used names for female dogs is Betty, ideal for an affectionate, small and faithful female dog who always accompanies her caretaker with a sparkling look. Betty is short for names like Elisabeth or Bethany.

It is a name that, for some reason, fits more to the dogs that have white fur. For this reason, it is a name that suits breeds such as the Maltese or Lhasa bichon. If you don’t want to settle for names as classic and predictable as Snow or Snowflake, you need a name as cute as Betty.


This diminutive of Catalina is appropriate for both small and large bitches. It adapts perfectly to any breed of dog and is gaining in popularity every day. It is a very beautiful name that will bring an extra touch of elegance to your pet. Can you imagine calling her that?

Catherine’s name comes from the Greek, where katharos means pure. It is, therefore, a very cute name for a dog like yours who always behaves well (although surely she has committed some mischief). The energetic but kind and, above all, empathetic dogs deserve a name as beautiful as Cata.


It is one of the classics in names for dogs. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means the one who judges. Dana is the name of both a Celtic and Hindu goddess, so she undoubtedly conveys great spirituality.

If you are in doubt about the name of your pet, if no name has just convinced you, Dana is the one you are looking for. A name whose charm lies in its neutrality. It is a very easy nickname to pronounce, so even the little ones in the house will be able to say it.


The name Camila comes from the Latin Camillus, which means the one who is facing God or the one who sacrifices herself. This moniker usually conveys a lot of vitality and a natural talent for getting your way.

This name is perfect for fun bitches that don’t sit still for a second. It adapts to large bitches and small bitches, so identify this name is the vitality of your puppy. If you have one of those pets that are always getting into mischief and sometimes even getting out of hand, you know what to name it! Also, if you are a big fan of Camila Cabello, you have no choice but to name your dog that.


If your dog is of medium size, if it is not of a ferocious breed, nor of a small breed, the perfect name is Chula. Chula will identify her as a nice dog but with a certain air of arrogance and security. It is a very original name that is very appropriate for the bravest owners and pets.

If you go with a name like this, you can be sure that you won’t find many dogs to be its namesake. So much creativity is very positive since it can avoid any misunderstanding. For example, imagine that you are in the park and, suddenly, another person calls his dog that coincidentally has the same name as yours. The normal thing would be for your pet to go there thinking that they are calling him, which can give you a good scare. Better, choose a name as original as Chula!


Another of the most frequent names for dogs is this of Mica. Although its origin is unknown, it sounds mysterious and exotic to us. Mica comes from Micaela, a name that is related to strength and energy. If you are going to receive a puppy at home that there is nothing to stop him or obstacle that he cannot overcome to get away with it, this name is designed for him.

Without a doubt, a unique name for a dog as special as yours.


If you have always dreamed of having a very distinguished puppy, why not start with her name and put her Lady? This aristocratic name where they exist, is ideal for small and flirtatious dogs. It identifies well a smug dog who loves to go out on the street very elegant. If your puppy would feel identified with these words, here this name is made for her.

Inspiration to know how to call your dog

  1. Since choosing the name that will accompany your dog throughout her life is an important decision, you should weigh all the possible options before settling on one. There are many sources of inspiration that can give you beautiful ideas to call your pet. We propose some names for female dogs grouped by theme.
  2. Movie characters. Hermione (Harry Potter), Leia (Star Wars), Thelma (Thelma and Louise), Rose (Titanic), Katniss (The Hunger Games), Clarice (The Silence of the Lambs), Scarlett (Gone with the Wind), Lizzie (Pride and Prejudice), etc.
  3. TV series characters. Penny (The Big Bang Theory), Rachel (Friends), Khaleesi (Game of Thrones), Gloria (Modern Family), June (The Handmaid’s Tale), Hannah (13 Reasons Why), Scully (The X-Files), Eleven (Stranger Things), Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), etc.
  4. People who have made history. Malala (by Malala Yousafzai), Marie (by Marie Curie), Hedy (by Hedy Lamarr), Beau (by Simone de Beauvoir), Frida (by Frida Khalo), Coco (by Coco Chanel), Amelia (by Amelia Earhart), Woolf (by Virgina Woolf), Clara (by Clara Campoamor), etc.
  5. Athletes. Serena or Venus (by Serena and Venus Williams), Garbi (by Garbiñe Muguruza), Kath (by Kathrine Switzer), Cid (by Almudena Cid), Simone (by Simone Biles), Dawn (by Dawn Fraser), Ronda (by Ronda Rousey), etc.
  6. Singers: Shak (for Shakira), Perry (for Katy Perry), Thalía, Jenn (for Jennifer López), Be (for Beyoncé), Miley (for Miley Cyrus), Brit (for Britney Spears), Pink, Ash (for Ashley Tisdale), Sel (by Selena Gomez), Amy (by Amy Winehouse etc.
  7. everyday objects. Oddly enough, everyday things can also inspire you to find a beautiful and, above all, original name for your pet. We give you some as an example, but anyone you can think of with a beautiful sound and a sparkly meaning could do: Thimble, Wool, Fluff, Star, Pepper, etc.


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