Oddly enough, Christmas names are always in fashion, even in summer. Christmas is the most magical time of the year, so it can inspire you to find a good name for your pet. If you are a fan of this period, and even if you are not, one of these names will surely win you over. We propose 10 names for dogs inspired by Christmas. These names are especially suitable for all those dogs that have a special relationship with the Christmas season because, for example, they were born during it or they love to play with the balls on the tree. Don’t miss out on these adorable dog names!

Christmas names for dogs: cute and endearing nicknames


The dog santa

What is more Christmassy than Santa Claus? This is a perfect name for the most generous and kind-hearted male pets. If you are one of those who thinks that in English it always sounds better, you can choose its Anglo-Saxon version: Claus.

Melchor, Gaspar or Baltasar, for your dog

Together with the chubby in red, they are the most anticipated of Christmas. Although Baltasar can be a bit long, both Melchor and Gaspar are ideal names for dogs that adore children. If you are going to adopt three puppies, you have to use this trio of names with so much spark.

Christmas name for your dog: Belén

The nativity scene is a must for Christmas in many homes. Also, it is a very elegant name for female dogs that can fit any breed of dog. It sounds very nice and inevitably reminds you of the Christmas period. Every time you call your pet, it will make you want to sing a Christmas carol.

Roscón, the most gluttonous dog of Christmas

If your dog has such a sweet tooth that, if you let him, he would eat the entire Roscón de Reyes (with candied fruits included), this is an ideal name for him. Hits male dogs of any breed more. Do you think your dog has the face of being called Roscón?

Your dog star

The Christmas star can motivate you to choose the name of your pet. If your dog is called Estrella, she will give off a special glow wherever she goes. It is a name that suits smaller dogs a lot, such as those of breeds such as Chihuahua or Pomeranian.

The perfect name for your dog: Turrón

If there is no nougat, it is not Christmas. This is an ideal name for dogs that have fur the color of this delicious Christmas dessert. It is a very special name that your dog will not have much trouble learning unless you use a similar word to give it an order.

Rudolph or Rodolfo, for your dog

Santa ‘s most famous reindeer can give you some idea to name your dog. This name will suit you even better if you have a slightly red nose and are of a considerable size like this animal. To find out if this name suits your dog, look closely at his face and imagine yourself calling him that throughout your life.

Ideal name for your dog: Snow

Christmas has a special touch when it has snowed. This is a name that suits all female dogs, especially if they are white. A version of this name for your male dog can be Copo or Copito. This name will be especially good in those dogs that have a colder personality or in those breeds related to snow, such as the husky or the Saint Bernard.

Fir the dog

Christmas firs are one of the essences of Christmas. If you are looking for a Christmas name for a male dog, this may be a good option. It is very original and the smallest of the house will not have much trouble pronouncing it. If your pet is called that, one year you have to dress it up as a Christmas tree. It will be so cute!

Your dog Gift

Admit it, the best thing about Christmas is the gifts. That’s why your best canine friend can be called that. This name suits male dogs more, but it wouldn’t look bad on a female either. Remember that no matter how much you give your dog this name, pets cannot be considered gifts. They are not a fad that you can buy today and throw away tomorrow, so it is important that their owner takes responsibility for their care.


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