Whatever the circumstance, choosing a name is always difficult. When we seek to name, for example, our dog, we know that it is a great responsibility, it will be forever and we want it to truly represent his personality.

For this reason, we also look for a name that is unique, personal and not very repeated. If we go out to the park, we are going to call our dog and it turns out that there are three or four of the same, the magic of a unique name is lost. But how can we do so that this is not the case?

Many owners turn to their favorite hobbies, series and movies to find a name that inspires them, likes and, at the same time, represents their dogs. If this is your case and you feel identified with Disney movies, don’t stop reading! This time in this article we propose 10 ideas of names for dogs inspired by The Lion King. Surely the search ends here!

Get inspired by The Lion King to name your dog

Next, we leave you a list of names that, hopefully, fit perfectly with your pet and, in addition, will always remind you when you name it after one of your childhood movies.

  • Scar: don’t stay with Scar’s evil personality, but with the nit-picking way he has, being very calculating and watching for any movement before advancing. If your dog behaves the same way (even if he’s not the bad guy), it might be a good name for him.
  • Simba: Everyone knows Simba, but let’s analyze his personality for a moment. Our protagonist is independent but has a weakness for games and fun. He likes to run around and is very sweet.
  • Mufasa: physically, if you want to put your pet Mufasa it is important that it has incredible fur, because we are talking about the most powerful lion in the pack. However, on a personality level, the important thing is that he is elegant (you know, as if he had his head held high), independent and, at the same time, affectionate.
  • Zazú: the faithful friend in whom you can trust. The one who is always waiting for you when you enter the house and he goes where you go, without abandoning you. A perfect companion. “The right hand of the king” 😉
  • Rudder: the characteristic point for this name is that your pet is funny, that wherever it goes it causes sympathy and has a hint of adventurer.
  • Pumbaa: like Timon, Pumbaa is capable of winning the heart of anyone, although, yes, he has a bit of a dirty point. Of course, in the movie he is a wild boar! But if your dog has that same point and, in addition, physically resembles him a bit (perhaps he is big, has teeth that stick out…) go ahead with the name!
  • Rafiki – He is quite old but all those years are wisdom and experience for Rafiki. He physically is not the “most handsome” character in The Lion King but he is the smartest and best adviser.
  • Sarabi: is a leader. She knows very well how and when to behave and has the elegance of someone she knows how to guide. The queen… Of the house.
  • Sarafina: she is the mother of Nala (the name you have below) and her personality is characterized by being quite calm, calm and taking everything easy except when it comes to touching her family… There, comes the “beast” that carries inside
  • Nala: do you have a very restless dog? Is it a bit difficult for you to control it? Nala might be a good name for her. Hey, and in case you have two, know that she is the perfect match for Zazú.

Have you already decided on one of these names for dogs inspired by The Lion King? Your pet will have the most original nickname!


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