If you like to read the horoscope to know before anyone else what is going to happen to you and you have a pet, you might like to give it a related name. Here are some ideas for you to consider. These are 10 names for dogs inspired by the zodiac.

Best dog names

  1. This zodiac-related name can hit any male dog, of all breeds and sizes.
  2. The zodiac is always looking at the sky, which can inspire you to choose a good name for your puppy. This can look great on both male and female pets.
  3. Constellations are the groups of stars that give names to the signs of the zodiac. You can shorten this name, which is more suitable for female dogs, to Conste.
  4. A slightly less fancy variation on a dog name is Estrella. It is ideal for the flirtiest female dogs whose personality is as bright as a star.
  5. Isaac Newton considered that the 12 names of the constellations were related to the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Does your dog have the face of being called Jason?
  6. The names of the zodiac signs can also inspire you to name your dog. For example, Pisces, which is an affectionate sign and a bit clueless.
  7. I read.  If your dog is intense and is always very effusive, both when he is happy and when he is angry, you can call him Leo because his personalities are similar.
  8. The Virgo sign is very perfectionist but also a bit irresponsible, so if your dog behaves similarly, you can call him that.
  9. This name is ideal for dogs that are very balanced and never overdo it. If your dog is quite flirtatious, like this zodiac sign, you can take this name into account when you are choosing it.
  10. If your puppy is always happy and transmits instant happiness, you have to give it a Gemini name. It’s also great for those dogs that seem to have two different faces.


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