Game of Thrones is in fashion with thousands of fans who love its stories and characters. If for you, winter is always getting closer, surely you would love to share your hobby with your pet. For this reason, we offer you 10 names of dogs inspired by Game of Thrones so that you can choose your favorite for your pet.

Best dog names

  1. The Clegane house character was nicknamed The Dog, so perhaps it can serve as inspiration if you want to give him a name related to the fiction of George RR Martin.
  2. The name of this house is ideal for a dog since it is a name that transmits a lot of strength. Also, considering that a direwolf appears on his coat of arms…
  3. Lann of Lannister. This name is short, so your dog will understand the commands you have to give it very well.
  4. If your dog is one of those who never bark and is a bit goofy, this is the ideal name for him.
  5. Nymeria is the wolf linked to Arya Stark. If you are looking for a very powerful name for your pet that is inspired by Game of Thrones, you can take this name into account when you are choosing it.
  6. Bran Stark had Summer aka summer. If your pet is very powerful and is the one who makes you feel happy every day, it is an option to consider.
  7. This name is ideal for dogs with white fur, since that’s what Ghost, Jon Snow’s wolf, is like. If your dog is very loyal, do not hesitate, give him this name.
  8. This name refers to Sansa’s wolf that was sacrificed. If your dog is beautiful, calm and confident, this name will look great on her. You may like her English version of her better, i.e. Lady.
  9. Grey wind. Also known as Gray Wind, Gray Wind is Robb’s partner. If your dog is very fast but when he gets angry he has a bit of an aggressive attitude, you can opt for this name or even that of his owner Robb.
  10. This name, in addition to being quite fun, is ideal for the most rebellious pets. Shaggy, or Shaggydog, is Rickon Stark’s wolf.


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