Finding a good name for your dog is essential for him, but also for you because you will have to repeat it a lot. Before choosing it, remember that it is for life, so it is worth stopping for a moment to choose the most appropriate one. If you are an absolute fan of the world of fashion, you will love these names because they are inspired by some of the best models in the world. Here are 10 ideal names for very top (model) dogs.

Names for dogs inspired by top models

  1. Freshness, charisma, style… These characteristics are the most remarkable of Cara Delevingne along with her eyebrows. Cara is a very suitable name for female dogs as fun as the model herself. The British adores animals and she does not like to part with her dog, so she, neither short nor lazy, took him to a Chanel Haute Couture show in which she became the center of attention.
  2. Top model Gisele Bundchen can inspire you on what to name your pet. Gisele is a very elegant name that will inevitably add a touch of glamor to your dog. Given the model’s everlasting golden mane, this nickname can suit all pets with blonde fur, as is often the case with breeds such as cocker spaniels or golden retrievers.
  3. Gigi Hadid is in fashion. The brands love her, the social networks adore her and wherever she goes, her flashes follow her. If your dog is a star too, she’ll stick with a name like this. It is indicated for the most flirtatious in the park, since it is a name that conveys a lot of tenderness and delicacy.
  4. Jon Kortajarena causes sighs wherever he passes. His pet, the Basque shepherd Átor, is one of the most envied dogs in the world, since the model dedicates all his love to him. Both names can fit very well on your dog if he is a male. His race doesn’t matter, since he can suit anyone.
  5. If your dog is so sweet that he ends up cloying, if he doesn’t leave you alone even when you shower, if he always asks you for caresses and cuddling with a sad face, this name is for him. He is inspired by the South African top, Candice Swanepoel, famous for being one of the most sensual Victoria’s Secret Angels. This is a very versatile name that can suit both a male and a female.
  6. The different members of the Jenner Kardashian family have become influencers in the world of fashion. And if you want to give your pet a name related to them, you have several to choose from: Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Khloé, Kourtney… They have had many pets at home, although the most famous may be the Italian greyhounds of Kylie Jenner who are called Norman and Bambi Jenner.
  7. Karlie Kloss is one of the most valued (and best paid) models of the moment. The American can give you some ideas to call the puppy that is going to come home again. Kloss can work well on dogs of any breed, whether they are male or female. It is a very original name, especially appropriate for the most curious pets.
  8. Chinese model Liu Wen is making history by opening up the complicated fashion industry to oriental traits. If you want to give your pet an exotic touch and make it the most special in the park, this is the name you are looking for. This name can fit very well in breeds of dogs that come from Asia such as sharpei, lhasa apso, pekingese or chow.
  9. Miranda Kerr adores dogs. Whenever her work allows it, she goes for a walk with her precious Yorkshire Frankie, as the paparazzi have captured dozens of times. Miranda is a very distinguished name for a female dog, but if you are looking for a slightly wilder and shorter name for a male you may consider Kerr as an option.
  10. If your pet has eyes as impressive as those of top model Adriana Lima, you should name it after her. It is very likely that the Brazilian would be very happy to learn that your pet is named after her, since she adores dogs. One of her best-known pets was the adorable bichon Ivy. Another good name for a dog inspired by this model is Lima.


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