If you have, or are going to have a new dog soon, you should start thinking about a good name for him or her. It’s a complicated task, so you may need some hints. Here we leave you 10 dog names inspired by singers.

The best names for dogs

  1. If you are a fan of this singer, or even if you are not, Lennon is a great name for your dog. He has style and evokes all the ideals and songs that the former Beatle defended and interpreted.
  2. The successes endorse Bruno Mars. We also really like the feminine version of this name, Bruna, for your pet if she is a female dog. These names will look great both on small dogs, like Bruno Mars himself, or on large ones.
  3. Édith Piaf left some of her most endearing songs for posterity. It is an original name for your dog, which will be the only one in the park that is called that.
  4. This name suits sweet and affectionate dogs more. Michael Bublé’s songs are always about love, so it’s great for those pets who love cuddles.
  5. Kurt Cobain’s legacy lives on today. Make a small tribute to the Nirvana singer by calling your pet that. In addition, it is a very direct name with character.
  6. If your dog does not stop moving for a second, browsing and playing wherever it goes, Shaki, as a diminutive of Shakira, is a good name for her. If you call her that, she might even start moving her hips like the Colombian.
  7. The king. This name is valid for all breeds and types of dog. For example, Lucy Hale has a maltipoo named after her.
  8. Just from Justin, maybe Bieber or Timberlake. This is a good name for dancing and playful dogs that never lose their energy.
  9. The representative of Austria who won Eurovision, Conchita Wurst, has managed to succeed in music, so it is a good name for your dog if you want her to turn everything she touches into gold. In addition, you will also be remembering Concha Velasco.
  10. Lady Gaga is one of the most powerful singers of this moment. Her powerful voice and her unique personality leave no one indifferent. Ella is a good name for your female dog if she is as strong as the singer.


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