If you want to give your pet a name that conveys grandeur, look further afield. The constellations can give you some idea to find the best way to call your best friend, whether male or female. These are 10 dog names inspired by space and astronomy.

The best names for pets

  1. There isn’t a more spacey dog ​​than Laika, the first terrestrial living thing to orbit the Earth. You can choose this popular name for your pet, since it is a classic that always works.
  2. Another name of the usual is Luna. If your female dog is the most beautiful in the house, she will give her a name that conveys as much elegance as Luna.
  3. You can pay a small tribute to the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, by choosing his name for your puppy. He will be the most original pet of all.
  4. The aurora is that pink light that appears just before the sun rises. It transmits a lot of tranquility, but it also reminds of beauty.
  5. No, we are not suggesting that you be inspired by Ylenia’s ‘Hasta Nunki’, but by one of the brightest stars in the constellation Sagittarius. This name can fit both male and female dogs.
  6. If there’s anything in space, it’s stars. If your dog is the one that shines the most for her way of being or for her beauty, you can call her Star. If you want to be a little more international and choose the Anglo-Saxon version of this name, you can put Star.
  7. Johannes Kepler is one of the most important astronomers in the history of science since he investigated the movement of the planets around the sun. Can you imagine your dog with this name?
  8. If your dog is of considerable size, you can put Pegasus on it. In addition to a winged horse according to Greek mythology, it is a constellation.
  9. In Arabic, Leila means ‘night’, so it’s perfect for the most mysterious of dogs. It is a very beautiful and great name for your pet.
  10. The Dragon or Draco is a constellation that does not have very bright stars. If your dog is very big but also a bit rough, this name is perfect for him.


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