It seems that Mariano Rajoy is a dog man. The gardens of La Moncloa have an owner and lord and his name is Rico. He looks like a black and white English hunting pointer. As he has recounted in an interview, it was a gift they gave him when he moved into the presidential house after winning the 2011 elections.

In an attempt to show himself closer to his voters, Mariano Rajoy’s own profile on social networks made Rico known online. In an early Instagram post, the dog could be seen calmly in the garden. He accompanied the photograph with the following message: “An animal full of joy and kindness who loves people.”

Mariano Rajoy’s pet

  • As he also showed on social networks, the president decided to spend with him the day of reflection prior to the June 2016 elections. ” A little sport with my dog ​​Rico before spending a pleasant day with the family.”
  • It seems that politicians are very dog-like people because Rajoy is by no means the only member of the Popular Party who has pets. Cristóbal Montoro enjoys taking long walks with his rescued Mastiffs. Ana Mato, who was Minister of Health, is the owner of a Cocker. Alberto Ruiz Gallardón also has a Labrador and a Beagle. You may have already met Lola, Jorge Fernandez Diaz’s dog. She was even being discussed in Congress at the request of the socialist group to clarify whether official transport was used for the dog to travel. José Maria Aznar even had two Cockers, a bit rebellious by the way, called Cico and Gufa. And, of course, how can we forget Pecas, the very famous Jack Russell by Esperanza Aguirre.


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