Music is always a source of inspiration, so you can surely find a good name for your pet in relation to it. Here we leave you 10 names for dogs inspired by music.

The best names for dogs

  1. If you are an absolute fan of this musical genre, what are you waiting for to give your dog this name. Also, in English rock means rock so you can make a very hard pun.
  2. This name is more suitable for small bitches, since the eighth note is a shorter musical figure than others such as the quarter note. It is a name with a very beautiful sound and that will make your dog very special, since there are not many pets that are called that.
  3. This name is beautiful and refers to a small piece of wood that violins carry inside the box to create their own sound, but also to make the instrument strong.
  4. Elegant but fast-paced dogs should have a name to match. If you call your pet that, you will be able to give a fun touch to his personality.
  5. If you are looking for an original name for your female dog but one that is related to music, you can call it that. You can also choose its English version: Melody.
  6. This name is ideal for larger pets, since this musical instrument is quite large. It will suit your dog very well if his personality is strong and authoritative but also very calm.
  7. If, on the other hand, your dog is restless and intense, he will like a name like this more. It can look great on both male and female dogs.
  8. This name, which is short and to the point, is perfect for the funniest female dogs. It is different, so you will not find any other pet with the same name. Your dog will be unique.
  9. This musical sign, which indicates that a note should be one semitone lower, is a very original name for your pet.
  10. This name may be quite common, due to the famous film about the Saint Bernard dog, but if you call your pet that, you will be paying homage to the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.


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