‘I present to you my faithful companion Bruce. He always goes with me (…) #hastaquelavidaserompa ‘. This is the letter of introduction that Jordi Rebellón makes to his best friend, his dog Bruce. Doctor Vilches – a character for whom a large part of the audience remembers the actor – is the owner of a beautiful and enormous light colored golden retriever.

Jordi Rebellón feels unconditional love for Bruce, so he was very clear that the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his fans was with a photo with his dog. And many of them applauded his gesture. And it is that many of his followers continually show his affection for the actor, but also how much they like his pet. He has also shared a photo in which the two can be seen celebrating Christmas with Santa hats included.

Jordi Rebellón’s pet

  • Those who say that cats and dogs don’t get along are in great error, because Bruce is a great friend of a kitten named Bassa. Well, we don’t know if they have a great friendship but, judging by Jordi Rebellón’s Instagram photos, at least they can be together in the same room without fighting.
  • Jordi and Bruce make a great couple who like to enjoy all the little moments that life offers them. The golden retriever always accompanies the actor when he does things around the house. For example, there is a photo in which Jordi boasts of having restored a piece of furniture and behind it you can see Bruce stretching out on the floor very close. The golden retriever is very playful although he always likes to be the one in charge of the situation.
  • In addition, Jordi Rebellón is in solidarity with animals and tries to raise awareness about the need to adopt pets and never abandon them. He has always wanted to welcome a dog home, he even participated in a television program to teach Bruce to be with other dogs before the arrival of a new pet.


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