For a short time that you have been with your pet, you will have already realized that it is something more than an animal that you have brought home. It is very possible that he has already become a member of the family, but putting into words all the love you feel for him or her can be very complicated, right? Here are some arguments to give to the next person without a pet who asks you why a dog is man’s best friend.

10 reasons to understand why the dog is man’s best friend

  1. Your dog will always be faithful to you. Your pet does not understand betrayal or deceit, but loyalty. If you throw yourself into it, he will never give you up.
  2. With him or her you will feel that the love you give is multiplied by a thousand, and all without receiving anything in return. Your dog will not demand anything from you, but he is willing to give everything for you. His only objective is to give himself to you without conditions.
  3. Your pet will never judge you. Next to her, you will never feel that you are being reviewed. You can be safe next to her and put aside all insecurities
  4. With your dog you will never feel alone. It is the perfect company for all occasions.
  5. No one is going to be so happy to see you. Whether you have gone down for a moment to buy bread or have been traveling for months, your best four-legged friend is going to go crazy when he sees you. Just by feeling your smell approaching the door, he will be much happier. What better welcome!!!
  6. He always knows how to understand how you feel. No one knows how to capture your moods better than your dog. When you’re sad, it lies at your feet so that its warmth comforts you. But when you’re happy, he’s the first one who signs up to go with you to the park to get all that energy you have inside.
  7. Your dog will always protect you. Although not all dog breeds react the same when their owners are in trouble, they will always be by your side. Whether it’s defending your home or pulling out your teeth at someone who’s going to hurt you.
  8. Your dog will love you above all your flaws. Whether you are handsome or ugly, tall or short, fat or skinny… your dog will not care exactly the same. Your pet will see you just as perfect if you give him the love and care he needs.
  9. Your dog will be your best entertainment. Next to him, you will never get bored because his games and walks will get you out of the monotonous routine. Also, with it, your work stress will decrease. He will help you disconnect when you get home.
  10. With your pet, you will stay active. The need to take him for a walk guarantees that you will also exercise.


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